Hi there,

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I've created a very small test room to try out. You can download it from
this url:


I've switched the command prompt from the greater than symbol to the
phrase "Your command?". I thought it sounded better than "Your turn?"
which just makes me want to type the answer, "yes".

Also removed are the two status lines. This means that with every turn you
don't get a garbled message stating the location description and the
number of moves you've made.

There's not much to do in the game. You can examine yourself, move between
the bedroom and the ensuite, and that's pretty much it. But it should give
you an idea as to the changes and what will be spoken each turn.

If you type "look", or any variation of that command, you will get a
special message. I was playing around with the idea of perception as
opposed to sight. That is, being able to hear things, smell things or
sense that things are there. But it requires setting up a whole bunch of
rules and actions and tests, and I'm still not that knowledgable about
coding with Inform 7. Over time, I'm going to work towards setting up a
system like that. But, for now, I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the
changes I've made.

I've tested it out in WinFrotz TTS and, wow, the difference was fantastic.
Well, at least, to my poorly untrained ears. Smiles.

Thanks again for the suggestions.



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