Okay, thanks to Phils' link I have just tried the test game. Naturally
I have a few comments about it.

First, good job on cutting down the extra babble. I really appreciated
the fact that the test game cut out all the extra stuff like moves and
such and only told you exactly what you want to hear. That is good.

Second, I have a bit of a complaint. I really didn't like the "look"
command being changed to "perceive." That was, well, quite weird. As I
was not blind from birth I have no problem with things like "look"
even if it describes the seen as well as adds in some sound and
smells. After all, many blind people say "see you later" when in fact
they can't see, but it is widely accepted as the proper thing to say.
It wwould be unacceptable to walk up to a woman and say to her "feel
you later" or to say "smell you later" even though both are valid from
a blind person's perspective.

In other words, what I'm saying is even though I'm blind I use the
same vocabulary as the average guy out there. It is just that I give
certain words different meaning. Instead of "see you later" that
translates to "meet you later" or something like that. Instead of "I'm
going to watch the football game" that translates to to "I'm going to
listen to the football game." Using watch instead of listen is for
convenience sake,  and sounds more normal. So I don't think we need to
change some of the commands in the game from "look" to "perceive" even
though that might be true. Just make those commands more descriptive
in terms of
sounds, smell, feel, etc.

Finally, I noticed on the main screen it says something to the effect
the bath room is 7 steps to the east. It is not necessary to describe
things in terms of steps. No blind person counts steps, and simply
stating this or that is east, west, north, or south is enough. You
probably wonder why I am making this an issue, but I have a good

In short, ever since I lost my sight about 15 years ago I've noticed
lots of sighted people have unrealistic stereotypes about my
abilities. I might visit somebody and they right away start trying to
tell me the couch is 5 steps away to the left or something like that.
While I see they are trying to be helpful they are under the
assumption i have to count steps etc to get around when I'm perfectly
capable of finding the couch without counting steps. After all, that's
what my cane is for. However, I'm constantly meeting people with
unrealistic ideas of what I can or can not do and they try to open my
food for me, tell me this or that is x feet away, or some other
sighted stereotype about my abilities. So when I read you say the bath
room was 7 feet away it right away reminded me of those stereotypes.


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