Hi Richard
I am sorry to say, but when opening the file for the pc version of the game
after downloading it, I got this error:
Compressed (zipped) Folders Error
The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted.
I am using win xp's built in unzip program.
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Hi Lori et al,

Thanks Lori, we'll definitely consider adding extra targeting feedback.

For all of you trying out the Extant tech demo, we're very interested in 
details such as if you:

- are playing the PC or the Mac version?
- are using headphones, stereo desktop speakers, 5.1, 7.1, etc.?
- just use keyboard input or also use a mouse?
- reconfigured the original control scheme yet (you can if you want to)?
- can't get anything to work?
- etc.

This can help us establish with for instance why footsteps may appear too 
loud for one player but soft for someone else. I can tell you, using 
headphones or speakers makes quite a difference.

Also, we interested of what you think of the design of the gamespace. What 
do you think of:

- how the world, the environment sounds?
- the different acoustics based on your current location (which is all 
realtime dynamic reverberation by the way ;)
- how buildings work (finding them, entering and leaving them, etc.)?
- how pickups work?
- how fighting work (thanks again for those who already expressed their 
feedback on this issue)?
- how orientation and navigation works, incl. Moby?

And did anyone already notice something peculiar about the gameworld? ;)

Thanks for your feedback, keep 'em coming. Please post either to this list 
or join us on the Extant-forum:


And for those interested in the download links - here they are again:
Extant - Download for PC

Extant - Download for MAC

Best regards,


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