Yeah, I am as well. I guess that is the price of technical
advancement. We are advancing so far so fast that games and other
software products we like quickly become outdated and disguarded as
progress marchs on. Usually company x never updates that game or
software, because they made their money, and no longer feel inclined
to upgrade their software. In the case of a really popular product
like Oregon Trail they actually did produce newer versions for Windows
3.1 and Mac OS, but that does us no good because they are more
graphical  and aren't accessible for a screen reader user. So one way
or another it seams old pproducts are left behind to be forgotten
about. Although, thats were the open source community have really
jumped into the gap.

For example, as you know there is a retro remake of Rocks and
Diamonds. Thats a game from the early 80's, and I can remember playing
it as a kid. Well, someone was nice enough to write a modern version
for Linux, Mac, and Windows. So games like that won't be forgotten

I think given my skills as a programmer writing some retro remakes of
classics like Oregon Trail is what this community needs. We, like the
mainstream market, have become saturated with the idea that games have
to have flashy graphics, great audio, specialized game controllers,
etc to make a game good. However, I can think of many text only games
from the 80's I played all the time, and were just as fun if not quite
as high tech. Even today games like Sryth, which is html based, is
extremely involving and it isn't a high tech game either.

On 11/24/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> That sounds great actually tom.
> I've heard a good deal about Oregon Trail, but haven't turned up
> anything, ---- probably because aple basic stuff is harder to run.
> It'll be really nice to finally get to play it, and to have a version which
> can be run on modern machines.
> I'm always rather sad when really great games can't be played anymore.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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