Hi Hayden,

If you have a shuffled deck of cards, you just deal off of the deck and thus do 
not need to have fifty some if statements to see if you have picked that card 
before.  And it would be even more checks if you were playing with 2, 3, 4, 5 
or 6 decks of cards, right?  It is very easy to shuffle the deck and it just 
makes better programming sense to me.  I set up a true 52 card deck of cards in 
an array, pick a number, reduce down the array and pick again until you have 
picked the full deck away.  It has always worked out great in all of my card 



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Why would you want to shuffle a virtual deck of cards; why not just take a
random card each time, and loop through the deck to see if that card has
been atken?

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Hi Charles,

In my casino pack of games, in black jack you can choose to play with from 1
to 6 decks of cards.  And in both my black jack and draw poker games I first
build a true unshuffled deck and then shuffle it, or them.  So the games are
very much like what you would play in a casino etc.



I am now playing with a full deck.

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Chardon Ohio USA
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