In deed. I forgot about Truce at Bakura, and it would make an
interesting game. In fact a lot of the books would make interesting

For example, imagine playing the final battle in last command. the one
where Mara ran C'bouth through with Luke's  old light saber, and
killed the evil clone of Luke Skywalker. In all not a bad days work
for a Jedi appprentice. I always thought that battle would be pretty
fun in an audio game.

Of course, a game based on the New Jedi Order would be pretty good
too. Considering their 19 books in that series alone it could make for
lots of dlevels and there would be plenty of choices for playable
characters and missions. You'd have the major Jedi Knights like Luke,
Mara, Kip, Jacen, Jaina, etc as well as some of the lesser known Jedis
and Jedi apprentices.

For example, The attack on the world ship at the end of Star by Star
could be a fully playable game in and of itself. Unfortunately, the
ending of that book sort of sucked with Anikan Solo getting killed,
but Jaina Solo evened the score by whiping out the Vong troops with a
force lightning attack. She went a little nuts towards the end which
was sort of cool. now, if more Jedi had slottered the Vong left and
right like she did there wouldn't be any of them lef to worry about.

Anyway, as I was saying that series would be especially good in a game
format. It truly lives up to the name "Star Wars" and the books were
certainly blood thirsty enough for wall to wall action in a video
game. The only problem is creating some of the organic weapons would
be difficult as I have no idea what some of the stuff sshould or would
sound like.

On 12/3/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> There's also Truce at Bakura which takes place less than a day after the
> death of Emperor Palpatine. Now that'd be an interesting game. Suppose I
> ought to try and finish that one one of these days...
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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