Hi Phil,

Well, i definitely don't want to pan the sounds themselves as that
simply is not in the game plan. My plan is to add in some advanced
saber moves like being able to spin the saber, swing left/right,
block, etc. Most of this would be well suited for th mouse or
joystick, but i suppose I could use the keyboard to do this as well.

I could use alt+left to swing the saber left, alt+right, to swing the
saber right, or alt+forward to slash straight ahead. The only problem
I see with that is the stupid alt keys brings up the window menu and
you have to close it which gets pretty darn annoying. The only way I
know to fix that one is to stop using the standard Windows Win32 API
and use Microsoft's Direct3D API as the window manager. That works,but
is kind of over kill since we don't actually need it to do more than
draw an empty window to wrap the keyboard, mouse, and joystick parts
of DirectX around.

Anyway, my thought is basically this. I'd like to be able to use the
mouse as your light saber allowing you to pull the mouse left/right to
swing left/right, push it forward to stab, and pull back to block,
etc. The original Lucas Arts games used similar functionality with the
mouse which is something I'd like to emulate if I can.


On 12/10/10, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I was thinking you would include the pan already in the stereo sound file,
> rather than generating it by the keyboard.
> The keyboard generated pan would be more realistic but what keys to use?
> If you can distinguish between the left alt and right alt keys you could get
> three types of attack strokes.
> I think left alt then space would give you a swing from left to right as
> that is the way your fingers would be going.
> And space by itself could represent a straight ahead attack.
> The best use of the keyboard would be to have the mouse control the swing as
> you could move it like you would actually move the weapon.
> Phil

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