HI Cara,

Thanks for understanding. For me I have felt like the perverbial dog
chasing his own tail. Trying this API, trying that one, and trying to
make it do exactly what I want is a serious pain in the butt.

Of course, the principle problem is trying to design high quality
ccross-platform software that actually does run cross-platform. If I
wanted to write games just for Windows that would be a piece of cake.
Just slap together an engine using DirectInput, DirectSound, and
Direct3D, Sapi 5, and away I go. Not that simple if we try to consider
designing the same game for Mac OS and Linux too. SDL is a fairly
decent API, all things considered, but is noway the equal of DirectX.
Which can get a developer into trouble when Windows gamers start
requesting features not supported by SDL, or that don't exactly work
as they expect it too.

For example, right now I'm working on the SDL input system for G3D. As
you know SDL uses an event driven input system. This is fine for most
games, but I do notice there are things that don't exactly work the
way they would with DirectInput. You can't walk and pick up a gun or
something at the same time. I personally don't care, but a few Windows
gamers really complained that they could do that with DirectInput but
not with SFML or SDL. It is like how exactly do you address a
complaint like that when the API just doesn't work the same as what
they are expecting?


On 12/12/10, Cara Quinn <caraqu...@draconisentertainment.com> wrote:
> Hey thomas, thanks so much for your apology and no worries! I sure
> understand the feeling of stuff not working right! -I'm sure we all do.
> -It's sure not you though, I think sometimes, coding paradigms and getting
> libraries to play nice and such are just too fr**king needlessly complex at
> times! :) -Just my thoughts, of course…
> anyway, if you decide to try those methods again, just keep the part where
> the subtractions are done in the same order and the parts where I took out
> the +=. Those simple changes might give you what you want. those should work
> regardless of which axes you have in whatever directions you want. -Let me
> know how it goes, K?…
> Anyway, I'm sorry things have been such a blasted pain for ya. It definitely
> sounds frustrating.
> I wish you / yours a lovely and relaxing evening!…
> Smiles,
> Cara :)

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