Hi Cara,

Got it. I apologize if I was a bit short with you a bit earlier. It is
just the fact I've written and rewritten this engine code so many
times I'm ready to scream. One of those cases wereI feel like I can't
do anything write, and the worst part of it is I'm both college
educated and have a programming degree. I shouldn't have this much
grief over something like this. Although, to be fair to myself some of
it wasn't my personal fault.

For example, when I was looking at going cross-platform Travis highly
recommended SFML  for Linux, Mac, and Windows. So I checked out the
API. On the surface it seamed exactly like what I needed, and
abandoned my plans to use SDL 1.2.13 and went with SFML 1.6 instead.
Next thing I know the game is causing massive crashes all over the
place, and many users reported the almighty blue screen of death.
Initially I thought it was something I did, my own mistakes, etc and
so ran it through the Visual Studio debuggers. Much to my surprise
after I did a step by step debug it comes up with an error found in
sfml-window.dll. So I go and report it to the developer of the project
ask him if they know about this bug and what could be done to resolve
it etc. Basically, the guy knew about it, and doesn't kno how to fix
the bug at this time. His recommendation, "upgrade your Windows vidio
drivers." This immediately became a tech support nightmare, and the
reason I'm pulling SFML 1.6 completely out of beta 17 and going with
my original plan of using SDL 1.2.13. At least it is stable and has no
vidio driver problems I'm aware of.

So at this point I've got the cross-platform engine ripped apart and
I'm now in the process of redesigning all the low level subsystems
like the window manager, input, audio, networking support, etc. What a
bite in the butt!

On the bright side I have rewritten the window subsystem and have
basic keyboard support back in place with SDL and so far so good. I'm
probably going to work on joystick and mouse support tomorrow and the
window and input subsystems will be ready to go.

As for audio I'm still not sure where to go with that. I'd like to use
OpenAL, but I feel as though I'll have to rite some bit of middleware
like a library that wraps OpenAL and can load ogg, mp3, wma files, etc
which will be a very time consuming project. In the mean time FMOD
would give me that and more which would at least get the engine up and
running again for beta 17.

So the basic point of what I was saying here is I've already got a
long development cycle ahead with low level stuff. If there was a need
to change more things to do proper collision detection now would be
the time to do it, but I don't want to add more time to the
development cycle than absolutely necessary.


On 12/12/10, Cara Quinn <caraqu...@draconisentertainment.com> wrote:
> Hi thomas;
> Just one last note for the evening.
> when I switched your z to y, it was for clarity's sake for the email. I'd
> assumed you would adapt the new code with your current orientation as I'd
> made other changes as you'd asked. The formulae are right but I was using x
> and y to show what I was doing in a standard way. -Only for clarity in my
> note. :)
> So sorry I obviously didn't make that clear enough.
> There's no reason, even in a worst case scenario that you should ever need
> to rewrite that much code for changes like these. I'll need to check back in
> with DX, but last I checked, you could essentially flip your world around
> any way you wanted it simply by changing two coordinates. -And, as I'd just
> mentioned, even if you change back y to z as I thought you would, the other
> changes I made will give you proper calculations. -but at the end of the
> day, if your engine is already essentially doing what you need then why
> change it at all? -this was, afterall, just a lil' experiment, yes? -I'm
> sure not asking you to change your style. :) I'm just personally working in
> one of the paradigms we were chatting about and having success with it. -But
> this is your baby after all. -If I can make suggestions that help, then
> great! If not, then don't use them. Yes? :)
> Anyway, Talk witcha on the 'morrow and have a terrific night!…
> Smiles,
> Cara :)

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