Ooh...That gives me an extremely wicked thought. Let me just say I
know a way that would seriously light a fire under their collective
butts and might knock a little sense into Bavisoft.

Just for kicks what if someone got on the audiogames.net forums and
said if Bavisoft doesn't begin answering their e-mail, correct
shipping order problems, etc person x is going to simply upload their
games somewhere and give them away for free. Yeah, I know, it is
pretty low, but I'm sure they would be climbing out of their
collective holes to sscream for people not to do that too them. The
obvious reply would be for them to A, be able to be contacted via
their support addresses, and B, that they disclose any and all
projects they are working on immediately. Otherwise we don't believe
you and Bavisoft doesn't exist. Now, wouldn't that burn their butts.

I'm not suggesting that anyone actually do this, but wouldn't it be
funny? Could you imagine them getting bent out of shape because a
number of their customers just revolted and plastered Bavisoft's games
over the internet, because Bavisoft never answeres their e-mail etc?


On 12/15/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> A scam no. The company did certainly exist and sold games in fact I bought
> both titles in 2006 and stil own them, and while on audiogames.net we have
> heard of people not recieving orders, there are undoubtedly people who have.
> that being said, why the company is neither answering E-mails nor giving any
> communication beyond "don't make our games abandonware" even to those who's
> orders go missing is beyond me, to say nothing about not even a mention of
> windows 7 compatibility or indeed any news from them at all.
> I'm sorry to say, the only real way to communicate with bavisoft is post a
> topic on audiogames.net saying that their games should be stuck up somewhere
> as abandonware for people to download freely, sinse this is the only time we
> here a peep out of them.
> Beware the grue!
> dark.

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