funnily enough Tom, I've been cconsiddering doing that very thing myself, issuing them with an ultimatum.

shape up or officially go bust, no more of this idiotic hanging about.

There are only two reasons why i haven't.

firstly, I don't want to get into any sort of legal trouble.

Secondly, as a moderator I must considder that we have a fairly strict policy about piracy. While rules have occasionally been bent for people posting links to old or abandoned games such as code factory's, (though this is kept on a strictly unofficial basis and out of the database or news), this would be directly placing free copies of at least nominally available games, which we really can't condone.

Afterall, that potentially opens the way for some scumbag to then turn up and say "Well, company x hasn't released games for a while, so here are cracked versions"

Finally, suppose Bavisoft then said "oh fine! you ungreatful bunch, the games are now abandonware, we're going to quit developement forever and retire to the country where we'll spend time cursing audio game players for all iternity for destroying our ambition! We were actually working on chillingham 2 who's developement was stopped because our lead programmer got his legs bitten off by a shark while sunbathing, and our second programmers' father went mad and thought he was a horse so she needed to go home and provide him with large supplies of oats, ---- but you'll never see it now!"

methinks I'd feel a trifle guilty.

Btw, anyone tries this on the forum, and I'll have to delete the topic.

Beware the Grue!

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Ooh...That gives me an extremely wicked thought. Let me just say I
know a way that would seriously light a fire under their collective
butts and might knock a little sense into Bavisoft.

Just for kicks what if someone got on the forums and
said if Bavisoft doesn't begin answering their e-mail, correct
shipping order problems, etc person x is going to simply upload their
games somewhere and give them away for free. Yeah, I know, it is
pretty low, but I'm sure they would be climbing out of their
collective holes to sscream for people not to do that too them. The
obvious reply would be for them to A, be able to be contacted via
their support addresses, and B, that they disclose any and all
projects they are working on immediately. Otherwise we don't believe
you and Bavisoft doesn't exist. Now, wouldn't that burn their butts.

I'm not suggesting that anyone actually do this, but wouldn't it be
funny? Could you imagine them getting bent out of shape because a
number of their customers just revolted and plastered Bavisoft's games
over the internet, because Bavisoft never answeres their e-mail etc?


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