interesting artical indeed, and I certainly see the logic.

In fact I was recently presented with an example of this when I read the user guide for Core exiles on mining which (being written before some access info was added to the game), tells players to "click the mine icon, ---- it looks like a red square with a pick coming out"

where as now, there is an icon clearly labled "mine asteroid" with text.

To that extent I agree, adaptation can lead to interesting ideas.

However, there are circumstances where the opposite is true.

i'm thinking here particularly of the wii.

The wiimote is regarded by many people as a great access aide for menue navigation, afterall, someone with problems pressing buttons or moving joysticks is much better off pointing the wiimote at the screen.

yet, from a visual imparement point of view, it's a pain in the rear! In fact, it's the chief reason i've not bought a Wii myself (that and the white background for the menues).

Now, if Nintendo offered a conventional press to move type menue interface as an alternative, ---- who else would it bennifit besides myself? would that group make a large enough demographic to warrent nintendo spending the time, ---- especially when taking into account both the normal wii menue users and those with motor imparements who found the facility useful. I did in fact get comments to this effect, ---- that I was being unfair to physically impared gamers when discussing this matter on the retroremakes forum.

what about eye tracking or voice control. Great for people with certain disabilities, and probably helpful to the general population, ---- but not for specific other groups.

I'm not saying I disagree with the point of the artical, in fact I think it's a most intreaguing one, only that because capitalism is an essentially amoral process, appealing to capitalism in the form of inervation may have it's down side too.

Then again, as slightly left wing I do freely admit i am suspicious of commercial moativations generally.

Btw, this actually makes me think of an idea I've had for a while.

Often, i bang Hal on reading something, then go and do something else such as cooking, sorting laundry, washing up etc (in fact this is why i dislike hoovering so much, sinse it's too noisy to read or listen to anything while doing it).

I've often wondered for a while if people with perfectly normal vision would find a basic program to read aloud a page of text or a webpage useful for similar reasons, though of course the down side would be that they'd probably not have a decent voice to do it in.

Stil, it might be a nice litle project to have people more aware of what working with a screen reader is like, as well as provide a useful functiong which is currently only (as far as I know), available via a screen reader.

Beware the Grue!


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