Hi Dark,

Smile. Well, glad to help. Actually, there have been a number of
mainstream programs out there like this that use Sapi voices. Text To
Audio, Text Aloud, and the Cepstral voices comes with a program called
Swift Talker or something like that. People have been buying and using
these types of programs for years in the publishing industry, and
that's not the only use for them either.

As I said earlier Sapi voices are employed in all kinds of mainstream
applications. For example, Omnipage, written by Scansoft, uses the
Scansoft voices to read aloud scanned documents in Omnipage. I imagine
this feature wasn't added just for accessibility, but is appreciated
by corperations that would like to have documents read aloud as they
are scanned etc. This is another case in point how adding
accessibility into a product from the start just works out for
Anyway, if you want your writer friends to get a nice text to audio
type program tell them to head over to
and check out Text Aloud as well as the various voices they have
available for it.


On 12/25/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Ah, good to know tom.
> I feel rather a fool sinse I've been using realspeak daniel as my default
> sapi voice for years but didn't look into this.
> Stil, I'm glad it's out there.
> I've actually had none sited friends of mine interested in such a program as
> well, those who write for example.
> Beware the Grue!
> dark.

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