Hi all,

For those of you who are interested in BGT, this is a pretty lengthy post. It 
has been forever since the last BGT release. We are well aware of this, and 
hope that the upcoming version with its list of features and improvements 
compensate for the rather long wait. I am providing the current change log for 
version 1.0 which will be released on December 31st, 2010 as promised to our 
pre-order users. If you have anything that is not major that you would like to 
see in the 1.0 release, this is your chance. Respond to this message with any 
thoughts and suggestions you may have, and I will use them to prioritize my 
work over the next few days.

Now, to the change log:

Version 1.0:
* Updated the script interpreter to the latest version which fixes some more 
bugs found by users, as well as adds the following features:
1. The ability to convert booleans to strings.
2. Four new methods to the array called insert_at, remove_at, insert_last and 
3. Explaining messages when failing to initialize a global variable after a 
4. Explaining messages when trying to declare variables within a switch/case 
5. The ability to write floating point numbers as .42, without the leading 0.
* Updated the ENet library to the latest version which improves bandwidth 
throttling of reliable packets.
* Added a calendar object for more advanced date and time calculations.
* Added the pack_file object to enable reading and writing pack files, which 
are also used by the sound object.
* Extended the language tutorial with several new chapters as well as a section 
about array initialization lists (thanks Felix).
* Added a series of comprehensive tutorials that explain how games are written 
in practise (thanks Felix).
* Added support for sending synchronous HTTP GET and POST requests through two 
simple functions.
* Added the http object which allows for more advanced HTTP access using an 
asynchronous interface, which means that any number of files/resources can be 
downloaded in the background from the Internet.
* Added two functions (url_encode and url_decode) to make it easier to assemble 
parameters for Get and Post HTTP requests.
* Added the generate_computer_id function.
* Added a function to run third party executables.
* Added several new file and directory functions (directory_create, 
directory_delete, directory_exists, and file_delete).
* Added an article to the tutorials section of this documentation that explains 
the various methods used for game registration.
* It is now possible to modify an individual character at a particular location 
in a string, just as if the string were an array.
* Added a hash function to the engine which exposes sha256 and sha512 hash 
generation at present, generated in either hex or binary form.
* Added a number of constants listed in appendix e that contain the paths of 
special folders on the system (thanks Liam).
* Added the get_last_error_text function that converts the value returned by 
get_last_error to its corresponding textual description (thanks Damien).
* The array object is now fully documented (thanks Damien).
* Added the reset method for the dynamic menu include class to the 
documentation (thanks Lukás).
* Added a virtual audio window include class (thanks Damien).
* Added the soundtrack include class which wraps the tone_synth object in a 
simpler interface (thanks Felix).
* The error dialog now displays the contents of a faulty line as well as its 
number, rather than just the number on its own.
* Changed the behavior of the file_exists function so that it only works with 
files, and added the directory_exists function instead.
* Fixed a bug where I had accidentally made float equal to double in the engine.
* Fixed a bug in the number_to_words function (thanks Daniel).
* Fixed a bug in the string_trim_left function that would cause it to trim one 
character too little.
* Fixed a bug in the string_contains function that would cause it to 
erroneously return a positive result even if a particular occurrence was not 
found in rare cases.
* Fixed a mistake in the documentation for the set method in the dictionary 
object (thanks Damien).
* Fixed a typo in the example for the freq_ms method in the tone_synth object 
(thanks Jason).
* Updated the end user lisence agreement to clarify the fact that an unlimited 
number of non-commercial games may also be created with the pro single version 
of the engine.
* Fixed a typo in the documentation for the write method of the logger include 
class (thanks Michael).
* Fixed a large number of trivial typos in the documentation.
* Added the default start and end time values for the edge fades in the 
tone_synth object to the documentation (thanks Oriol).

I look forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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