Personally over the years, with playing games here's what I'd like to see come out of bgt.
1. an excellent star trek voyager/ds9/tng first person shooter game.
2. an enhanced american nfl football game, one with commentary and more plays kind of like that football game that ran in DOS. any night football I think it was.
3. a really good baseball game with commentary.
4. star wars games.
5. more fantasy games kind of like entombed. a real harry potter game with sounds and music from the playstation games. also other fantasy games like lord of the rings or final fantacy remakes or something like sound-rts but with cool music, sounds, and stuff. I bought the bgt lite a while ago. Haven't had the chance to play with it really yet due to going back to college for an information technology degree. What really gets me is the math. I hope eventually bgt has some pre-defined math formulas with good commentary that explains what they do so I could open a script and play with and modify it until I get the hang of it and can make what I want. I kind of imagine a room with things in it like this but I could be wrong. Say I have a 25 by 25 grid. x can go from -25 to +25 and y from -25 to +25. so this means I could have an object say something laying on the ground at position x4 and y -3. another at x-5 and y +6. and so on. maybe this makes no sense. But when I took high school algebra in order to make graphs I had a board with a bunch of pegs on it. So to put something at x+3 and y-5 I'd go over 3 spaces to the right of x0 y0 and down 5 spaces from the 0 y axis. So is that kind of how positioning objects in games works? except there is no physical graph paper or board you just have to imagine the board in your head and define the grid using the bgt code? Maybe the math isn't the problem here. maybe what is needed in bgt to make it more useable is a file containing formulas. Also I don't think that people are meaning to make bgt simple like audio game maker that would be counter-productive. But why not make bgt kind of like the jaws scripting manager. In the jaws script manager if you forget a command you can bring up a list view of all possible commands and hit enter to insert that one into your script. So why not a bgt script manager. but it would be a notepad-like editor and you could easily pull up lists of commands and even type to filter down to just what you are looking for. Also the bgt script manager could let you open save and debug your bgt code. need math formulas? pull up a quick list of common formulas and hit enter to insert the basic code into the bgt script or game. Ok lets say you want to create thomas's room. in the bgt script editor you could open the basic template for a room paste it into your existing game then just change its parameters to your heart's content. Also the jaws script manager has lists of functions. how about if bgt script editor can quickly let you make timers and stuff, at least the basics then you can use the editor to modify them to your own parameters. think of it as a scripting assistant.


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