Hi Mauricio,

Agreed. Back when I was in college when I took html the instructer had
us use Windows Notepad to code our html pages by hand. The main reason
for using a simple text editor like Notepad instead of something like
Dream Weaver was so that we could get a firm understanding of html.
Plus without having to depend on an automated tool like Dream Weaver
we actually had to think about how we wanted to design our pages,
think about the types of html tags we wanted to use, and that allowed
us to be more creative and customize our pages. Automated wizards like
Dream Weaver are nice and handy, but in the long run all you are
really doing is borrowing someone elses automated code without any
origionality or personalization.

When it comes to BGT the same principle applys. A script wizard is
nothing more than a bunch of automated code that might help speed up
development, but you aren't actually learning how to do it yourself.
You are depending on that wizard to do the majority of the work for
you. If a person really wants automated code the best thing might be
to write up some commonly used code and store it in a text file for
later use. If they want to use it simply copy it into their new game,
modify it, and are on their way. I do this myself a lot of the time,
but I wrote all of my own templates so they are customized for my own
personal use from the start rather than having some automatic wizard
just generate some totally generic piece of code that may or may not
do what I want it to do.


On 12/29/10, Mauricio Almeida <mauricio...@uol.com.br> wrote:
> i am personally against the scripting manager idea, simply because this
> way you will never learn to program.
> it is like people that say, oh yes, i can web design really really
> really well, i only need dreamweaver...
> they are always dependent on an automatic interface.
> why? because they never went through learning the hard, and really
> artistic part of things.
> Mauricio

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