Hi Dark,

Well, one thing I can say for sure is we aren't going to drop keyboard
support in favor of the mouse or joystick. Most VI gamers are heavy
keyboard users, and if I neglected to include good keyboard support I
can hear the complaining now.


On 1/9/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> to be honest I'm so used to playing games like mega man on a joystick, I
> actually finding holding down a run button while performing other actions
> quite natural. In fact I even have what I think of as the triad, which is
> buttons for my index, middle and ring finger being fire, jump and run or
> slide, with my thumb and little finger ready to activate things like weapon
> changes or other controls. i've done this for years in 2D mario, Mega man,
> metroid, castlevania etc, and attempting it with a mouse would just feel
> weerd to me.
> Obviously this is just a matter of previous experience, you are primarily a
> pc gamer and thus had a mouse, where as my experience has been with consoles
> so I'm more a joystick fan.
> I'm not against mouse in put, indeed, I'm really! looking forward to trying
> jeremy's new game Daytona which heavily features the mouse in a very unique
> way.
> I would however be most disappointed if, for instance, you developed another
> 2D platform game and missed keyboard out entirely.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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