Hi Jacob,

That's absolutely right. The problem is though that I have taken a lot
of personal heat and criticism over how I have managed this game
project so far. I took time out to rewrite/convert the engine from C#
to C++, I took some time to look at SFML and SDL for cross-platform
development, etc and all some people did is nothing but wine and
complain that the game isn't getting finished on their personal time
table. In fact, someone publicly balled me out on the USA Games list
around two weeks ago complaining about how frustrated he was that
neither Raceway or Mysteries of the Ancients was finished.

According to him I took over the games from James North in 2006 and
that was plenty enough time to have at least one of these games done
in 2008. Although, he didn't come out and say it he hinted around in a
round about way that I was goofing off and fooling around rather than
programming the games he paid for etc. That's a rather typical message
I get in my inbox all too often. So with that in mind you can hardly
blame me if I'm less than eager to rewrite a couple of levels and
expand the game itself knowing there is bound to be a few loons out
there accusing me of intentionally delaying the release, goofing off,
or whatever when in reality I'm busting my butt off to improve the
game for their benifit. Never mind the fact I didn't have to acquire
the rights to Raceway etc from James North in the first place. Doesn't
make me feel all that apreciated when they do that to me.


On 1/20/11, Jacob Kruger <jac...@mailzone.co.za> wrote:
> Your ideas sound good to me - an old joke as a developer is you need to want
> to do it the way you're doing it to get it done exactly right - if that
> makes sense.
> Stay well
> Jacob Kruger

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