Hi Thomas,
I am thoroughly impressed with what I have seen so far of MOTA17. The keyboard 
changes are slightly frustrating, seeing as certain keys have been used for 
things for as long as I can remember, like p and t using a potion or torch 
respectively, and ctrl+p and ctrl+t speaking the amount. However, in time I 
believe those are small things that I could get used to, like in any other 
The new level1 layout is certainly challenging. However, I can't seem to get 
past the large ledge in room 8. I can't jump past it, and there are no pressure 
switches that I can find, either from the view menu, or pressing enter on every 
square leading up to it. I suddenly got a few minds of inspiration regarding 
your last posts in that you might be able to shoot items to hit a switch, that 
didn't work. There is no such thing as a whip any more so you can't swing 
yourself over with it. I also jumped with a weapon in my hand, hence not 
jumping as far, in case they were two very small ledges short distances away 
from each other. Is this a bug or is there a specific way of getting over that 
ledge? Is it to do with the previously mentioned vanishing platforms? If it is, 
how do you activate it, if at all? There is no sound there to suggest that 
there might be a vanishing platform there.
Any help appreciated.
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