I've finally got to try this one, and I deffinately like, especially the larger 
level layout and the fact you actually need to use your brain, also the 
increase in enemies was very nice to see. 

First, miner bug. the invisible platform (which it's great to see make a 
return), didn't have a name in the view room menue, I just got a blank menue 
itme with no speech, but it did tell me where it was. 

Then, as a slight sound matter, the cyclopse and zombi are a litle similar 
currently and I wasn't actually sure which one I was doing in, sinse generally 
I went on the basis of "hear footsteps, ---- kill!" 

Perhaps something different for the zombie in addition to it's steps, like 
mones and grones or shouting of braaaaines! or whatever the ancient Griek is 
for braaains! anyway, ---- Braaaaain us! ;D. 

Seriously, something different to distinguish the two enemies might be good as 
currently they are a litle similar, especially if we are going to get aquatic 
versions later, ---- afterall, zombies could conceiveably swim, and if I 
remember rightly Cyclopes were the sons of pociden.

Combat wise, things were nice and the random monster generator worked well. I 
do wonder though if certain weapons should be in specific levels, just to 
preserve a sense of mystery, and also give you stronger weapons for stronger 

Getting the 357 magnum on the first stage was rather good, and once I got the 
enchanted sword, the dagger seemed a litle useless.

This would also mean the player made more use out of each weapon specifically, 
for instance though I found the bow and arrow, I tried it once and got 
slaughtered as it seems less good than the standard pistol and I always had 
more things to use, but if the bow and arrow was available on level one only, 
it might be a better alternative than Angela's fists should I run out of amo.

I also rather like the insertion of stone ledges, especially with that now more 
obvious water dripping sound, that could concieveably be used to construct 
climbing up and down puzles or jumps to ledges above your head without needs to 
climb a rope, ---- something I've personally wanted to see in Mota for a while, 
sinse it'd make the level layout even more interesting. 

in fact jumping up was one of the things I tried at the chasm puzle. 

I am nowgoing to discuss the chasm puzle in some more detail, so if you haven't 
solved it, or do not know what I am talking about stop reading immediately and 
go and play the game! 

Spoilers ahoy! 

This did take me about five minutes to think out, which was good. I first tried 
jumping, then had to do some calculations to understand Angelas jump distance. 

I then tried climbing downwards, which didn't work, though my reasoning here 
was based on the view command listing "stone ledge, below one foot to the 
right" which initially i found a litle misleading as I was standing on the 
ledge at the time. 

Having illiminated those possibilities I then went back through the rooms I 
missed to check I hadn't missed a lever somewhere, then finally decided to 
search for hidden objects. 

having enter as a single interaction key worked here very well sinse it was 
only necessary to press enter each step in order to search. 

So, this was an interesting trap from that perspective and about suteable for a 
first level. 

my issue however is that now I will be on the look out for such switches in 
future. As I said before, I think mota needs a few more useless or decorative 
objects, ---- eg, perfectly normal statues, tyles with different ground surface 
to walk on, maybe some background objects to the rooms, in order to construct 
sufficiently good missdirection traps, like the one thomas mentioned with the 
picture in tomb raider guardian of light.

I'll be looking forward to the next beta. 

All the best, 

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