Hi Phil,

I'm glad you enjoyed it. To answer your question, your characters start on the left only if you are player 1. Player 1 is the person you if you're playing the computer, or if you host an online match. However as the fight moves on, you can switch sides if you jump over a character, throw them to the other side of the screen, and so forth. Fighting games have two types: 2d and 3d. 2d are basically composed of three directions left, right, and vertically up, kind of like a sidescroller. 3d is essentially the same, but allow for sidestepping which adds a few more elements. But keeping it simple, your characters can be on whatever side you want them to be... depending on how you move through the fight. As I said, if you hapen to jump over a character, or if someone throws someone else, they can land on the other side of the screens. However, generally, you will start on the left side of the screen. However, the sounds in the middle are simply indication that characters are right next to each other. In reality, I could be doing a combo to someone in the corner... that being the edge of the screen.

being totally blind, damage is not as easy to assess. An educated guess is about the best you're going to get. But by the amount of hits you're dealing and keeping track of them, you should be able to make a fair assessment. And when a character's life is almost dead, the announcer will say "danger!" How you know whether it's your character or the opponent's character near death is another aspect of combining sounds with voices to tell who is getting hit. If your character is grunting like they're being punched or kick, chances are that it's your character getting there, and same goes the other way.

The characters were set to their english voices, but because so many of their moves are originated in Japanese games, they have japanese names... no rhyme intended. Ryu, for example, has three famouns moves from the original street fighter game that's been kept in every itteration since. When he says hadoken, he throws out a fireball... the english localization for the first street fighter in 1987 has it as surge fist, which is pretty much what it translates to. The shoryuken, his uppercut move, is the rising dragon fist. His tatsumaki senpukyaku is translated as spinning hurricane kick, if I'm correct... my Japanese isn't the best.

I could go through each character's style, yes, but that would take a while. However, if you find character movelists online or in this case read marvel comics, that should give you a fairly decent clue. lol. Ryu, for example, can fight long range with his fireball, but can also come close since he deals decent damage and has an uppercut and spin-kick to help him at close range as well as normal attacks. In contrast, Wolverine from the x-men comics is all about getting in close and using those nasty claws of his, since he has no projectile power. But I'm glad you're interested... and don't worry about being a newbie. Keep the questions coming! Even blind mainstream gamers had to start somewhere... smiles.

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