Nice set of tips there, Phil. Good for those who are just starting out... and let me add that when picking a team, always go for a team that meshes well. Don't pick three characters just because. You have to think. What am I going to play these people like? How am I going to cover one character if they need it. My own teams as an example:

1. Trish, zero and Amaterasu

Trish: She's what us fighting game players like to call a keepaway character. She has some nifty tricks up close, but she does best at a distance, with projectiles and traps. She has two of those... one allows her to set a trap which shoots an opponent out of the air if they choose to jump towards her and happen to fly over the trap on the way, or a ground trap, which freezes advancing characters allowing her to combo. The assist, that is the attack I get when I call her into do an attack while playing as another team member, is the air trap. I picked that asist because I don't like the fact that characters can attack me in the air, and it's not bad to have around, though any of her other two choices are good as well. Zero: the Megaman rep.. is a bit of a tricky one. He can fight long-distance with his zero-buster and shoot projectiles, or he can get in close and do some wicked attacks with his beam saber. I tend to keep him second as part of my team, so that I can call him out to do some damage if I need it to get in close and land a good combo with trish. I have his shippuga as his assist, which is an attack with his beam saber that moves him forward until he goes offscreen again, during which time I can have trish dash in behind zero and follow up his attack. I like to play zero close up as his combo potential is huge, and he has dashes and teleports that can get him out of tight spots if he needs them. Very difficult to keep track of a fast moving target. Amaterasu: our favorite pooch from Japanese mythology... that being the sun goddess in wolf form. I don't know much about her in terms of history in japanese myths... but I definitely plan to read more on it. As a character, she has three stances to use... all inspired by her action adventure appearance in Okami. Her primary, the reflector, is a disc that can reflect projectiles and counter attacks, and let her play rushdown or aggressive bigtime. With that stance, I can perform a 13 hit combo with Amaterasu alone, half of which is in the air. Put that with combos from my other two characters and you have combos that can go upwards of 20 or so hits. Her glave stance allows me to deliver huge, powerful strikes with her sword from a distance, the sword she uses when she takes human form, I believe. Her rosary stance allows me to shoot projectiles. The projectile move is also her assist that I chose, so I can cover either character to rush in or to keep the fight wide and separated, or give myself breatheing room.

So as you can see, I have all angles covered. An attack to defend attacks from above, a forward-moving slash combo to cover characters rushing in, and a projectile to ward off opponents at a distance and to keep things spread out. All these things are important factors to consider while making a team. Any questions or comments are welcome.

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