On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 10:38:56PM -0500, Phil Vlasak wrote:
> Let me know if I am wrong, but I think all your characters are
> always on the left of the screen with the enemies always on the
> right, and when fighting they head for the middle.

[My Reply:]

        Fighter games typically have two characters on the screen, the 
player 1 controller usually on the left, and the player 2 controller on 
the right.  When the game is called "3-D", it usually means the same 
thing, but the characters are able to side-step.  If the left-hand 
character side-steps right, he's sidestepping towards you, or away from 
you when side-stepping left.  Characters can switch sides of the screen 
when one character jumps over or side-steps around the other character, 
usually causing you to have to reverse the movement controls.  When 
fighting a character to your right, moving away from them means you have 
to move to the left, but when your positions have switched and you're 
now on the right, you have to move right to move away from them.  If you 
have to perform some elaborate movements to, say, wind up to pitch 
something at the other character, that movement would have to be 
reversed when you're on the other side of the screen.

        Imagine winding up your arm for an underhand throw.  If your 
character was on the left side of the screen, facing to the right, the 
motion would be in the counter-clockwise direction, but it would be 
clockwise if you were on the other side of the screen facing to the 
left.  If you can picture that, you'll get the idea.


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