On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 03:56:44PM -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> Well, as an avid Linux user myself I do agree with you that in terms
> of low-cost accessibility Linux is the way to go. However, I would not
> go as far to say it is the only market or operating system that is
> trying to make their operating system fully accessible.

[My Reply:]
        Hi Thomas,

        Well, true, but it seems with every new release of Windows, for 
instance, You have to spend another $1000 for JAWS or Win-Eyes to go 
along with it, where the Linux console and GUI essentially remain the 
same, as does the software being supported.  The major problem, as far 
as I can see is in keeping up with Firefox, which is chasing Mickeysoft, 
who only wants to bog everyone's system down with yet more eye candy 
graphics.  Gotta keep that customer base going somehow.

        Me, I'm waiting for the heat sinks required to cool the monster 
computers we're running now to get too big to fit inside their cabinets 
and it becomes too expensive to run for the home user, so Mickeysoft no 
longer has new platforms to exploit, all so they can rip us off yet 

        Microsoft is slowly nudging everyone toward Java-based services 
for everything, so you have to go to this website to get a virus check, 
or that website to run that game, and you wind up paying out the nose, 
just to use your own computer each month.  I still remember the big 
stink over Win XP requiring a valid credit card number to install it, on 
the very first release of it.  They recalled that pretty quickly ans 
swept the story under the rug.

        Anyway, I'll continue giving my full support to Linux, where 
nobody is trying to stab me in the back every chance they get for a 
buck.  Call me one of those Old Testament Justice types.  I just don't 
like seeing criminals prosper.


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