Hi all.

I agree with you completely Thomas, while I agree in principal with the both
of you that linux is a very attractive option for some, in fact I am
investigating the possibility of setting up a spare box I have here using
vinux, many though certainly not all linux users tend to come off with a
kind of superior or arrogant attitude that tends to drive people,
particularly newbies away.  This is unfortunate as it will further limit the
number of people willing to put the time and effort into learning it.  This
brings me to my other point, while yes in theory everything should work and
you have a completely accessible system from the getgo, the getting there is
not easy in the slightest for a blind user, the learning curve is quite
frankly pretty horrendous and unless this changes then the situation of
people not wanting to use it and considering it just another thing that the
nerds and geeks like to play with is going to remain the same.

I know you and I have discussed some of this before, as an access tech
instructor I have to keep up with the latest greatest windows crap whether I
like it or not because I can gripe all I want but that is where the money is
and that's where it is going to stay.  99% of my clients want to learn
windows, they are not interested in learning anything else, I have had a
couple ask about the mac but unfortunately not enough for me to justify
going out and spending the money to get one.  I've actually mentioned Linux
recently to a couple of clients who I thought might be able to handle it, I
told them the good points that it is free and that the accessability while
maybe not quite up to the standards of the latest greatest Jaws or hal is
free and pretty universal.  I also was honest and told them of what I
consider to be some obstacles that the learning curve is fairly steep and
that you have to sometimes go through quite a few hoops to get something
that seems fairly simple to work right.  Unfortunately there has been no
interest as yet, this is partly why I've not put more time and effort into
getting a box going myself.

Well I think I've gone on about this long enough we're kinda straying far
afield from gaming so I will end now.


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Hi Michael,

Michael wrote:
       Eventually you guys are gonna wake up and smell the roses and realize
that Linux is the only market out there that's even trying to make their
system fully accessible.

My reply:

Well, as an avid Linux user myself I do agree with you that in terms of
low-cost accessibility Linux is the way to go. However, I would not go as
far to say it is the only market or operating system that is trying to make
their operating system fully accessible. I have used several different
operating systems, and most of the Unix-based operating systems FreeBSD,
Linux, Solaris, have fairly decent accessibility right out of the box. Of
course, Solaris is primarily for businesses, but there is no reason you
couldn't use it at home on a PC. Same goes for FreeBSD. I've actually used a
Solaris workstation via the Gnome desktop, Orca screen reader, and in terms
of accessible apps it has pretty much everything Linux has. The Sun Java
desktop and Staroffice Sweit makes it a great business platform, and it is
certainly possible to get accessible multimedia software too.
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