On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 09:13:00PM -0800, Tom Randall wrote:
> many though certainly not all linux users tend to come off with a
> kind of superior or arrogant attitude that tends to drive people,
> particularly newbies away.

[My Reply:]

for graphics in `25000_web_pages` ; do switch-to xmas_decorations ; done
cron the job for Dec 1st thru Dec31st

-as opposed to -

Open word processor and file.
Search for text and replace.
Save and open the next of 25000 web pages
repeat until complete.
Do it all over again next year.

        In the first example, the Linux user learns all the commands in 
linux and teaches the computer to do their work for them, and in the 
second example, the Windows user learns all the commands in Windows and 
continues doing the job manually.

        This is why Pixar, the makers of the movie, Toy Story, uses 
Linux to render their graphics, because their Windows NT machines cannot 
do it themselves without some human sitting before the screen, clicking 
the mouse to answer every question Windows NT cannot be taught to answer 
on it's own. <.shrugs.>  Even the US Navy has ditched Windows for Linux.

                It's not a matter of thinking we're superior, but of 
having had our eyes opened to infinite possibilities, while Mickeysoft 
keeps adding more blindfolds.  You have to understand, I've watched 
computing go from a fully stocked, fully equipped gourmet kitchen to a 
McDonalds drive-thru.  Windows is like having to take public 
transportation, with it's routes and pre-arranged stops, and the 
advertizing on the ceilings.  Richer folks who can afford the software, 
get to take the taxi.  The rich get a limo and a driver to carry their 
shopping in for them.  Linux users own their own cars and think it's the 
best of all worlds, because in the end, we can teach the car to drive 

        Just the other day in IRC (can your screen reader do IRC?), for 
instance, a friend asked what kind of music I listened to, and since I 
didn't have some kind of playlist generator software installed on my 
system, I simply typed:

        ls -R /pub/Audio/* > music.txt

...and emailed it to them as an attachment, because Linux can generate a 
recursive directory listing and save it to a file, and Windows cannot.

ls -R /pub/Library/* | grep "txt" | wc -l

...will give me the number of books in my extensive ebook library )3573) 
And because I've saved the command to a script called "ebooks,", I can 
just type the name and get the current number.  What kind of hopefully 
accessible program do you have to pay for for Windows to get that kind 
of service?  I have a similar command to tell me how many mp3s I have, 
and another for vids.  Press tab twice and it asks me if I want to see 
all 3632 software program names, so I don't need a script for software 
on the system.  How much would you have to spend to put 3632 programs on 
Windows, and can you bring them all up to date and current with a single 
command, bug fixes, security patches and all?

        Don't get me wrong, Windows is great for helping you navigate 
around the web, showing you all the spam the business world has to 
offer, in ever flashier displays, and you pay out the nose for it in 
ever-increasing increments, and while Windows continues offering you 
fancier graphics and less control over your computer, Linux offers even 
more control and is catching up on the flashy graphics.  Not that I will 
ever be needing them.  I may occasionally have to type out a somewhat 
elaborate command to rename a file, either singly or en'masse, but how 
often is that when I usually only type m for mail, b to browse the web, 
g to google something, i for IRC or e to edit a file.

        I LOVE the command line, and all the non-hidden background 
processes that do what I've asked while I do more important things!  
Linux makes my computer, *MY* computer!  AND! I installed and operate it 
without ANY sighted assistance! <.flexes.> <.poses.> <.preens.>


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