I do find that many people spell things how they hear them. There's this chap on audio games who spells jaws as j o r s, accessible with 2 a's accessable, etc. then I'm following someone on twitter who constantly says he had a worm meal and listens to music on his eye pod. Those really cracked me up... ----- Original Message ----- From: "Thomas Ward" <thomasward1...@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [Audyssey] Creating Adventure Games

Hi Dark,

Ahem, I do understand, but that's not even close to how faucet is
spelled. It is f a u c e t. There isn't even an r in the word so I'm
not sure where you are getting the for sound when it is foss not for.
Is this an accent thing that confuses you?

The reason I ask is because down south, where a lot of my relatives
live, every one says stuff like I'm going to warsh the dishes, warsh
my clothes, etc and I constantly ask them where they are geting the r
from. It is spelled w a  s h which is wash. Yet they will sware up and
down it is not spoken like wash but warsh making them sound
uneducated. The funny thing is some of them are college educated, know
better, and continue to use the slang. So I was just wondering if this
is a local thing where you guys say forset instead of faucet, or an
unintentional misspelling error.

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