Hi Shaun,

Not true. Yes, it is true that XAudio2 doesn't have a native pan
control but the way the API is designed it is rather simple to create
a custom pan control for XAudio2 that works exactly like DirectSound.
Philip and I have been discussing this off list, and he has already
made such a pan control for Streemway so nothing would essentially
change for BGT developers. The only change is they would get a better
API for game development, and they shouldn't have to do major
modification of their game code either.

As for MOTA and 3d you might want to remember that that was using
OpenAL via the SFML-Audio wrapper. SFML-Audio didn't offer a pan
control, and OpenAL works completely different from XAudio2. To be
canded comparing OpenAL and XAudio2 is comparing apples and oranges.
They are two different kinds of fruit, but that's where similarity
ends and differences begin. All I'm saying as stop thinking of XAudio2
in the same terms of OpenAL as they work differently and shouldn't be
compared in this context.

On 3/4/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well switch if you can.
> It does mean panning will have to have 3d encoding but tom did manage
> it in mota once and it was not to bad.
>   of cause that probably means that every bgt game created will
> probably not work anymore.
> I guess you could keep legacy stuff around is it possible to have
> both loads and then people can use either function set?
> Eventually like anything direct sound will probably dissapear but for
> now there are a lot of people that still play with it and use it.
> Though
> I am no programmer and don't know how game code would have to change.
> if it just means the files change but the code is the same with more
> options and such then thats fine with me.

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