Yes and no. It is true that OpenAL doesn't come with a stereo pan
control, but I've read a few articles on how to essentually create
your own pan control provided you are wrapping OpenAL directly. Which
I wasn't doing around beta 14/beta 15.

When I was working on betas 14/15 I thought I would try my hand at
using an open source piece of middleware called SFML highly
recommended by a lister. As it turns out SFML is buggy on Windows XP,
and the audio API for SFML doesn't expose the complete OpenAL API.
That meant I had no way to extend OpenAL and add a pan control because
it wasn't accessing it directly. The way to get around that problem is
to write your own middleware like Streemway which wraps OpenAL and you
can add a custom pan control and any custom DSP effects you want.
OpenAL is a fairly decent audio library all things considered and I
think in time with some development and experimentation I can produce
something equal to XAudio2 and Streemway once I have a chanse to write
my own middleware API.

In the mean time I'm still using SFML 1.6 for the Linux versions of my
games and the panning isn't too bad using the 3d audio control. It
just takes a bit of math to try and make it pan cleanly. However,
where it really shines is 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. Which is mainly
what I need anyway for my FPS games.


On 3/6/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Also, with OpenAl wouldn't you be suffering from the inferior panning
> control? Or rather, the lack of one. Granted XAudio2 doesn't have one
> either, but as we've discussed it is perfectly possible to build one that
> works exactly as in DirectSound which is what Streemway implements. You
> still get all the 3d features, of course, as well as the ability to both use
> the provided effects and insert your own dsp code. Streemway exposes these
> features, and so will BGT.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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