Hi Trouble,

Oh, I've been making the very same argument for years. In fact, I
switched to Window-Eyes shortly after Freedom Scientific took over
Henter-Joice myself simply because I found it generally a much better
product for the money. I'm not someone who will continue to put money
into a product, service, etc if it doesn't meet my personal standards
or quality. Since I'm self-employed I don't have to listen to BSVI,
BVR, and all the other blind organizations that insist on shoving Jaws
down everyone's throats just because they have an inside deal with
Freedom Scientific.

As far as being a sheep I tend to view myself as a shepherd rather
than a sheep. I have always been an independant minded individual, a
person who stands out, simply because I don't always agree with the
common view. Politically speaking I am an independant and do not
officially belong to any party or platform, and vote based on a
candidates marets, ideas, and over all plan rather than any particular
party platform or views. When it comes to religion I'm the same way. I
don't belong to any specific denomination, but instead seak out
non-denominational churches that incurrage an open minded and
individual interpretation of sscripture rather than following church
doctrine and triditions down the line. So when we get into the debates
of operating systems, screen reader wars, etc I am an independant
there as well. I tend to put my money where I think it is best served,
and support the developer/developers who best suits my needs.

At the moment I mainly use Linux with the Orca screen reader for one
major reason. My wife and I are on a fairly tight budget, and I find I
can generally get a decent operating system, screen reader, and apps
for a lot less money. Linux is triditionally more secure, handles
hardware better, and is becoming more and more accessible with every
release. It may not be the most popular operating system, but as long
as it meets my personal needs who cares?


On 3/11/11, Trouble <troub...@columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> i have to tip hat to you sir!
> Someone that has gotten the point I have ben making ever sense FS
> took over henter Joyce!
> But your only one of a few in a many line of sheep!

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