Hi Ken,

Well, Firestorm is a character that has gone through a lot of changes
since the DC Comics reboot. The original Firestorm with Ronnie Raymond
was killed off, but they have a new Firestorm named Jason Rusch. Jason
Rush is a black teenager instad of a white teenager, and is the
current version of the character.  Personally, I'd prefer the Ronnie
Raymond version better as that was the one we saw on Super Friends and
Super Powers back in the 80's.

That is basically what I meant earlier about updating the docs and
figuring out a timeline for the game. The source books I have were
published in 1986 and quite a lot has changed since those books were
published if we want to use present continuity. For instance, the book
lists the Flash's alias as Barry Allen. Thing is Barry Allen is no
longer the Flash. Kid Flash, Wally West, is the current Flash in the
comics now. The new Kid Flash is Bart Allen the son of Barry Allen.
Ronnie Raymond was replaced by Jason Rusch as Firestorm. There are a
number of Green Lanterns and you pretty much have your pick of Green
Lanterns to roll play. The previous Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, has gone
out on her own without the Wonder Girl title. Instead there is a new
Amazon teenager Cassie as the current Wonder Girl and sidekick of
Wonder Woman. Robin has been aged to be an adult and is now known as
the super hero Night Wing.

So I think if you are still stuck on the 80's Super Friends and Super
Powers cartoons etc you have a lot of catching up to do. The DC Comics
universe has had practically 20 years of history you are missing. So
you might be surprised at some of the changes I'm going to be making
to the source docs. However, to answer your question there is a still
Firestorm around and I could in theory add one to the game.

I guess one question we might want to answer is how much do we want to
stick to the actuall official continuity. There are changes some good
and some bad that comes with the continuity. Plus the continuity seams
to change depending on if you are talking about the comicbooks and/or
the animated television shows. As for myself I'm thinking of using
Justice League Unlimited, the television show, as a basis for
continuity since that is something most people might be familiar with
since there is a chance some of us would have watched the shows where
wwe wouldn't have access to the comicbooks.


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> Hey,
> What happened to Firestorm?  He was one of the heroes I liked when I was a
> teen--yes, you whipper snappers, all the way back in 1986...
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