Hi Ken and all,

Well, one way to get interested in text-based RPG games is to try a
few out. I'd go to
and sign up for a free membership. It isn't as good as a full guild
membership, but it might give you an idea of the type of gamebook
system I'm thinking of.It is fairly sstraight forward all things

As far as remembering hot keys etc don't worry about that. I was
thinking of using menus with shortcut keys asigned so that wouldn't be
like the kinds of text adventure games you are thinking of were you
have to type commands like "north" "south" "east" "west" and all that.
Generally, keys like n, s, e, and w will move in those directions.
However, as I said I was mainly thinking of some sort of menu system
were you simply select the action to do from a list and it does it
rather than trying to remember complex commands etc.

>From what I'm reading here I think a lot of you don't really
understand exactly of what I'm thinking of so let me try and explain
the idea more in detail if I can. I think that might answer your
questions ahead of time.

Essentially, what I'm thinking of is a text-based gamebook adventure
system similar to other gamebook  style roll playing games where you
select a list of predefined characters from a list of super heroes,
and then you'll enter the game and select an adventure to play. Like
many roll playing games you'll have certain skills you need to train
up as you play the game. For example, Batman might start out with
unarmed combat, stealth, weaponry since those are the skills he
generally uses when battling enemies. As you play you will gather up
general experience points which you can allocate to combat, weaponry,
and stealth to improve his skills. Superman on the other hand will
start out with special powers such as heat vision, freeze breath, and
x-ray vision. The higher you train Superman's powers the better his
x-ray vision will be or the easier his heat vision will cut through
walls etc. If playing Wonder Woman the higher her weaponry skill is
the more effective she is at blocking enemy attacks with her magic
bracelets. That's pretty much how training skills and powers will

Obviously, since the roll playing game comes from the standpoint of an
untrained hero or heroine the game stories will range from beginner to
expert levels of challenge. You won't be able to unlock an adventure
involving Dark Seid or Mongul until you have reached a certain skill
level or power level to actually fight one of the higher bosses in the
game. Instead your first adventures will probably deal with petty
criminals like muggers, bank robbers, or basic game bosses like Cat
Woman who has no special powers or abilities. So in that way the game
play is balanced and you won't accidently be biting off more than you
can chew at once.

As I've mentioned navigation will be simple. What you'll get is a
screen of text followed by a basic menu of options you can take from
this location such as enter city hall, visit the museum,  visit star
labs, rrest, whatever. It won't involve typing in complex commands,
using maps, or any of the other things I've seen over the past couple
of days. The user interface will hopefully be designed to be simple

Finally, besides what I've mentioned above one of the aims of making
this free and open source is so that the project is portible and can
be run on various devices such as a Windows PC, Linux PC, Macbook,
IPhone, etc. For that reason using a text-based user interface is
perfect because it can be compiled on virtually anything and run from
almost any device. At the moment I'm considering C or C++ for that
very reason. You can use native libraries without having to worry
about third-party runtime libraries like Java, .Net, or Python. Any

Even though many of you aren't programmers you can help in other ways.
Even though I might use the source books as a guide I'd rather write
my own game adventures. Perhaps some of you who are familiar with the
comic books or the Justice League comics like Justice League Unlimited
will be able to submit story ideas, add suggestions, or make
suggestions for your favorite super hero or villain.

For example, right now I've been writing down a list of what I believe
to be the most popular DC Comics super heroes. Feel free to add to the
list I've compiled below.

Super Heroes

Black Canary
Green Lantern
Martian Man Hunter
Wonder Woman

Super Villains

Cat Woman
Dark Seid
Death Stroke
Dr. Light
Dr. Polaris
Gentleman Ghost
Gorilla Grod
Killer Crock
Killer Frost
Lex Luther
Mirror Master
Mr. Freeze
the Joker

This is just a sample of possible heroes and villains I plan to
feature in the game. Obviously, there are lots more villains than
those listed, and some of the ones listed are just some of the more
popular vilains in the DC Universe. Of course, some heroes have been
written out of the DC universe or changed since the original source
books were published.

For instance, Barbra Gordon, once known as Batgirl, was shot in the
back by the joker and paralized from the waist down in the final
Batgirl comic in the mid 1980's. She was later braught back into the
DC Universe as a new character called Orical who is the leader of an
all female super hero team called Birds of Pray consisting of Black
Canary,Huntress, and Hawkgirl. They are financed by Bruse Wayne AKA
Batman. Like Batman they fight Gothom City's leading criminal
masterminds such as the Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Two Face, Killer
Crock, etc. I thought I'd mention this bit of history just to point
out if you haven't been keeping up with the DC Universe world that
some characters are not applicable here. Certain characters in the
original DC Universe source books were either killed off or have
changed since those books were published.

In some cases I'm not sure what DC Comics plans to do with the
character in question. Mary Marvel, for example, seams to be about to
be removed from the DC universe after she was taken over by Dark Seid
in Count Down and final Crisis. During the final battle Mary Marvel,
who was being controlled by Dark Seid, was having a fight with
Supergirl when Black Adam managed to revoke her powers turning her
back into Mary Batson. Although, this reversal of her super powers
broke Dark Seid's control she told Supergirl she never wanted to
become Mary Marvel again. Kind of leading everyone to believe she is
leaving the DC universe temperarily or for good. Although, there is
nothing saying we can't set the time for the game prior to the
Infinite Crisis etc.


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