Hi Yohandy,

Yeah. I always thought it was pretty fun playing DC Universe and
Marvel Universe roll playing games, because you really could get into
the story and pretend you are Superman, Batman, Flash, whatever and
usually there was a pretty interesting storyline to go with the game
play. The current XBox games like DC verses Mortal Kombat or Marval
verses Capcom, although good, really lack the depth of story line the
paper and pen roll play games had. Not to mention the idea of Superman
pounding away on Mortal Kombat characters is just weird because I'd
rather be beating up triditional DC enemies like Dark Seid, Mongul,
Lex Luther, whatever.

Anyway, some of the game stories my friends came up with were pretty
good. I remember this one time we were playing X-Men, and one of the
adventures involved an invasion from a super race of aliens. Needless
to say the aliens the game master came up with were some extremely
tough baddies. To give you an idea how tough these aliens were the guy
playing Storm had to hit this one giant alien five or six times with a
lightning attack just to knock it down. I was playing Wolverine and I
tried to gut this one alien, and found out they could heal very
quickly. I rammed my claw into its gut, and he picks me up and hurls
me across the room like a rag doll. When I tried to attack again the
alien was already almost healed. Unfortunately, Wolverine is an up
close and personal kind of character where other heroes like Iceman,
Storm, Cyclops, Gambit, etc could standback and blast away at the
aliens. So I was pretty much screwed in that fight. Lol!

I'd really love to get back into those games because there were so
many variables involved in playing. It usually came down to the luck
of a dice roll as much as picking the right character to play.
Obviously had I been playing a different X-Men character in the game I
described above I might have had better luck in that adventure. That
particular adventure depended on maneuverability as well as
consentrated long distance fighting to defeat the aliens. Storm is
obviously one of the more powerful heroes and obviously that character
had more success where I failed. I often wondered if i had been
playing a class 5 mutant like Phoenix how much success I would have
had. Jean Gray, AKA Phoenix, probably would have been able to smear
the floor with those aliens because when she unleashes her full
psychic powers she is darn near unstoppable. I could imagine she might
have ripped a few enemies limb from limb by her psychic powers alone.


On 3/20/11, Yohandy <yohand...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I never played any of these games, so would love an opportunity to do so if
> possible! I really enjoy the super hero universe

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