There is then the fact that if the developer is blind himself, everything takes considderably more energy.

while I fully appreciate what Tom is saying, this does not seem to be half the case with indi developers of graphical games.

odbob, webmaster of the retroremakes site and game developer is quite able to have a full time job, spend time with his wife, update the retroremakes website and produce several games a year (admittedly often small arcade games, but games none the less often with many enemies or modes of play).

What however is the difference? oddbob is not visually impared.

Odds are that his travel time doesn't leave him feeling half as bushed for need to concentrate, nor does his job require him to put in as much effort in listening to a screen reader, ---- heck even walking around an office of pouring himself coffee.

This is a position I'm advocating in my thesis, that one of the chief (and thus far unacknolidged), characteristics of a disability is not merely being able to do or not do thing x, but the amount of extra time and effort it takes to do a specific thing.

This is why I'd advocate any disabled person who wants to do anything outside his/her work get a part time job, (certainly my brothers' celicitor's work is, and I will myself when it becomes necessary), though obviously for financial reasons this isn't always possible.

The truth is, plenty of people do! program games in their spare time and have a full time job and family, ----- but not with a disability as well.

This is one of the chief differences I've noticed betwene audiogame developers and developers of graphical independent games, that audiogame devs tend to give up when they have full time jobs and other responsabilities where as indi game devs don't, however audiogame devs are usually visually imapred as well which would account nicely for this difference.

This isn't intended as a cryticism only as an observation, and also possibly a considderation for anyone who wants to actually try developing games generally.

The normal five day week standard pluss free time is simply unreasonable when someone has a disability as well, ---- and I will be arguing in my thesis that the government should acknolidge this in distribution of bennifits.

Beware the grue!


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