Actually tom, while travel and access issues are certainly a considderation, that wasn't precisely my point.

One easy example of what I mean (and one I use in the introduction to my thesis), is pouring a glass of water.

Betwene desire for a drink and that desire's satisfaction the sighted person has very few steps.

1, locate a glass which can be done instantaniously no matter where it is so long as it is in plane view.

2, turn on the tap.

3, pour in water to the level required, a thing a sighted person can judge without even paying attention sinse the connection betwene their visual cortex and spacial awareness is perfectly able to judge this with no conscious thought or need for concentration at all, indeed they may use the time to think about other matters. For a blind person, locating the glass will be a conscious exercise of spacial mapping or memory, remembering and placing themselves in relation to it, and pouring the water will require a continuous concentration of the relation of their finger to the flow into the glass, ---- and even when they get it, they have to be careful where they put it and retain it's position in mind, or simply continue to hold it.

These are all fairly trivial things and things which I imagine everyone on this list does every day.

My point however, is that the amount of concentration and mental effort required is simply in and of itself greater when a person is visually impared, this is simply a biological limitation beyond what is normal, (I do have a deffinition of normal but that would take some time to explain), and what society considders normal, and is ultimately a contributing factor in why someone like oddbob of retroremakes can have a job, a wife and children and! produce games and a website blog, while a visually impared person can't.

this isn't to say a disabled person "can't" do things, only that those things take considderably more time and effort because of their disability and in any calculation of what is possible in life, or what sort of responsability a government has to it's citizens, these factors must be taken into account, ---- which they currently aren't!

Btw, I agree on public transport in continental europe, but in the uk it's pretty dire, especially the train system, mostly due to some tortuous privatization rules and ridiculous over pricing.

Beware the grue!


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