Hi Phil,

Well, for now I'm not going to add any kind of editer etc to the game.
The reason is I want each and every wrestler to have a different
artificial intelligence, his or her own unique moves, and to really
make each and every match completely different where you will have to
change your strategy and tactics when stepping into the ring with a
different wrestler. This is much like real life when two guys get into
the ring with completely different fighting styles. This is far more
worth while to me as a gamer then just writing some generic artificial
intelligence that is a one-sized fits all approach. That is exactly
what I don't like about Wrestling League Manager and Piledriver, and
why I wanted to rewrite them in the first place.

Let's take Pile Driver for example. It allows you to create custom
wrestlers and add them to the database, and to create your own custom
federation. That's fair enough. However, in order to do that the game
uses some generic artificial intelligence that changes slightly from
wrestler to wrestler based on what ever you put into the editer.
That's ok, but after playing a while I can pretty much figure out how
each and every wrestler will react because the artificial intelligence
is actually pretty simplistic. Not only that it fails to take in
account a guy like Andre the Giant is too big and heavy to pull off a
high flying drop kick so the game should take that into account.
Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence is so poor in the game it
did do exactly that in a game, and I was ready to just delete the game
on the spot. In my personal opinion knowing that Andre couldn't pull
off that move in real life the game cheated. So I want a game that is
more fair and balanced. The only way to avoid the Andre pulling off
the impossible drop kick from happening is to write an artificial
intelligence for every wrestler, or creating an editer that allows you
to select from a list of each and every possible move imaginable and
enabling/disabling it on a per wrestler basis. Either way it is a
nightmarish amount of coding.

The other reason I am not keen on adding an editer is I currently
don't have the skills to do it. Oh, I could do what Jim Kichen does by
storing names and stats in a text file or something like that, but
that's not what I had in mind here. If I have an editor it would have
to allow the person to custom create the artificial intelligence,
moves, and everything to create a specific wrestler which I'm not sure
how to do.  Not only that since my game is completely object oriented
how do you create a custom object from outside the game itself. I
haven't a clue.

I suppose the way it would work is the file gets read into a generic
object and then use that generic object as the reference to the custom
wrestler. I'd have to experiment with it which I'm not really
interested in spending x amount of time on research. I just want to
write it.


On 4/13/11, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> One thing that Harry did was to allow some people to create team sets for
> the Baseball game.
> So if they wanted the 1980 Toronto Blue Jays in the game they had the
> ability to create it.
> The set creating software asked you the person's name and then went through
> the stats and you filled in the appropriate edit boxes.
> When done the game file was saved with the year and team name such as the
> 80bluejays.dat
> If you did the same with the wrestling game, then the purists could help you
> create the players and have that as an option.
> So you could have Rock Cold Steve Auston, a fantasy player,  in the game but
> a player could create the Stone Cold Steve Auston using his real stats.
> The one problem with fantasy wrestlers is that their strengths, weaknesses,
> abilities and moves would not be known like the real wrestler's are.
> It would be important to give an overall score for each one to allow you to
> know how good he or she was.
> We also considered adjustable player's stats, so when the Viper beat Stone
> Cold Steve Auston, his total score would drop as the Viper's would go up.
> One way to show someone's score would be to list them by score, with the
> highest scoring wrestler at the top of the list.
> Phil

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