Hi Tom.

On the Ai score, one game I really admire for ai which I came across recently (thanks to a friend), is the pc doss beat em up one must fall 2097.

One of the cleverest things about it, is that though it only had 8 basic robots, all of whome had moves in standard beat em up style, each also had a pilot with stats.

The robot determined the move set, what sort of punches and kicks there were and what specials were available, while the pilot determined the robots' health, overall speed and yes, Ai.

The game also had tournaments which were completely editable by players where people could write in not only the which robot opponents used, what the opponents said, but also what the opponent's pilot stats and Ai was.

The ai in text file was catagorized by sets of three words all off which determined behaviour in the one on one fighting match.

Aggressive passive or neutral,
airial ground based or mid range,
jumping, kicking or punching.

combinations of these three setup how opponents fought.

For instance, an areal punching opponent would try to jump in and punch you, where as a defensive jumping opponent would do a lot of jumping away.

This left players lots of room to customize tournament opponents in the game, even though there are only 8 basical beat em up characters to play with in terms of special and normal moves.

Perhaps a system like this, where the ai was tied to a number of properties which a player could set in each wrestler might be the way to produce a really diverse game.

For instance, have a number of variables from 1-5 which determine the likelihood of the wrestler doing certain actions, eg turnbukle 1-5 to determine how likely it will be the wrestler will try attacks from there, or submission hold 1-5 to determine how likely a wrestler would be to try and get their opponent in a submission hold.

Given that the game will presumably be turn based and not real time, this would seem a good way of determining things, by controlling the wrestlers' stats and their good technique of mooves at specific points.

For instance, a really low level, bad wrestler may be very heavy, but may try to get on the turn buckles a lot and fail a lot, while a big hefty fighter with more experience might stick to the ground and try to pin and hold their opponent.

Ditto with face or heal maneuvers like using steel chairs or going outside the ring, or indeed technical vs brutal style.

Yes, this would probably take some more thinking about and programming, but this is just to illustrate how you could have both an editable game, and a game with reasonable Ai.

This is in fact one thing jason has said about entombed, that if he begins on Entombed Ii, he will start coding it with the intention of making it editable rather than trying to alter existing code later so as to add an editer to the game.

Beware the grue!


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