Hi Phil,

Interesting. Well, as an absolute purest myself and as the developer
I'd rather either go straight 100% fantasy wrestling, I.E. 100% made
up wrestlers, or 100% true to the wrestlers I know and like. From what
I gather from your message since 90% of the potential players probably
don't give a rats butt about purity I should probably aim for
something like a fantasy wrestling game without any connection to the
WWE, WCW, ECW, and so on.

In one way that would be nice as I wouldn't have to worry about WWE or
anyone else coming after me for any potential copyrights etc. I could
create some fantasy wrestling federation and fill the roster with 40
or 50 custom wrestlers, and have fun creating original back stories
and characters while doing it. After all, that's what the WWE does all
the time. They take an ordinary name like Steve Auston and make it
sound meaner by calling him Stone Cold Steve Auston. Now, just by
adding those two words he sounds like the kick butt wrestler he is.

Another reason why a totally fantasy wrestling game sounds apealing to
me is ever since I started the idea of rewriting Piledriver I've got
comments like let's add Steve Auston, let's add the Rock, let's
include Edge, and this or that person. Besides the fact I don't like
the idea of mixing old and new wrestlers together personally it would
be pure murder to program all that. Let's face the facts of the matter

Over the past week I've compiled a list of 80 wrestlers who were in
the WWF between 1982 and 1990. That's 80 different wrestlers I'll have
to program by hand, create an independant A.I. for, and it would
probably take me at least a year or two to get that working on my
current schedule. Now, if we were to open the game to everyone who was
in the 1990's until present you are looking at at least 200 or more
wrestlers. That might not be difficult for EA Games to program, but
pretty much impossible for me. So technically speaking I just can't
include each and every single wrestler who ever existed. At least not
the way I want to create this game.

So to be honest I was considering cutting the list down for the
initial release anyway just to make it more easy to manage from a
logistics point of view, and then build on it as I have time and
energy to do so. Now, if we eject the idea of using real life
wrestlers this makes it much easier because I can start out with a
roster of say 20 male and 20 female fantasy wrestlers with their own
back story, history, and unique moves and wrestling style. Heck even
some of the nicknames of current wrestlers might be able to be
borrowed since they are sort of generic.

For instance, let's create a wrestler called the Viper. He might be
some kind of new cross between Randy Orton and Jake "the Snake"
Roberts. WWE fans might think of this guy as Randy Orton, but he'll
have a different back story and probably some different moves. Maybe a
sleeper hold like the Cobra Clutch since this guy would have a snake

As I said coming up with new and interesting characters shouldn't be
that hard to do. For instance, cowboys, outlaws, etc is a popular
theme for wrestlers. I might as easily come up with my own bad dude
call him, Outlaw Jimmy Haynes, and base him on somebody like Terry
Funk or Cowboy Bob Orton or something like that. Who knows maybe come
up with a tag team of outlaw themed wrestlers and call them the
Outlaws. It is all pretty easy to do.

Actually, the more I think about it the more I kind of think it is a
good idea. I'd be interested to know what everyone else thinks about
the idea of just ejecting the WWE game altogether and starting over
fresh using a completely fantasy based wrestling game. That way a
person could create his or her own wrestler and wrestle the games
official roster. Any thoughts?


On 4/13/11, Phil Vlasak <p...@pcsgames.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> We had a similar debate when I worked on Harry Hollingworth's World Series
> Baseball.
> There was a core group of fans that played only teams from the same year and
> even did a 165 game season to determine who was in the world series.
> But most of the game players didn't care to be realistic and enjoyed playing
> any two teams against each other.
> Some even requested that they be able to add themselves into the game as a
> player and give themselves stats to rival the greatest.
> I did get a special thrill when the game said that Phil Vlasak hit a home
> run to win the game.
> We found that at least ninety percent of the game owners played it as
> fantasy baseball rather than the purists who played it as a real game.
> Phil

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