Hi Shaun,

This is sort of getting off track, but I'd like to say that's actually
one of the reasons I became a fan of Linux. Although, the desktop
editions have a full graphical desktop environment similar to Windows
it also has a large number of people out there who actively use Linux
in the console/shell environment as well. Especially, for webservers
etc that don't need a graphical user interface. As a result text-based
console apps like the Nano text editor, the Links web browser, Ncftp
ftp client, and various other console apps are still being updated and
developed along side their graphical counterparts. So anyone like you
and I who come from an MS Dos past you get the bestof both worlds. You
can choose to go all graphical, go full console, or use both. Plus the
facth that the Linux shell,Bash, has autocomplete and things like that
its much better than Dos in a lot of ways. Plus Bash is fully
customizable, and you can create your own commands etc just by editing
your local .bashrc file. If you use Bash along side a program like
Screen you can give yourself an additional 10 virtual consoles to work
in making it easy to be browsing the web in links on virtual console
1, and taking notes in Nano in virtual console 2. Its great. As
someone who use to love Dos I took to the Linux console like a duck to
water, and use it side by side with the Linux graphical user

On 4/14/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well I used type to read files but also a  program called list that
> did the same thing.
> interestingly  this reminds me about a command I used to do in the past.
> Print con was one
> the other thing I could was put copy con filename.ext and type whatever.
> I couldn't review it but if I was doing something with batch files a
> thing I was continously hacking for various reasons system
> configurations mostly   I used to do it all the time.
> Though to sidetrack this a little Once I had to do something about a
> laptop that was old with a broken \ key.
> also the : and ; were broken.
> I had to write a batch system so I could call a file for whatever I wanted.
> it took ages but it worked for the time being.
> as long as I remembered my list of files that was.
> <sigh>
> Those were fun days.
> Now if something breaks well enough in windows you can't just ripp
> out a module to make windows work.
> If you do well you get up the creak.
> I usually reformat when things get bad enough.
> Its easier if possible to reload things instead of bothering with
> registrys and such.
> I also miss the fact i could restore a disk based system in 5 hours
> less if I just wired it up to my win95 system with interlink and intersvr.
> Those days  are gone and some days I miss it and sometimes I don't.
> I have just accepted  that I will never get another dos system again.
> But when dos was mentioned it brought back memmories of days where I
> would run hints on windows and the games on dos I did that for 8 years.
> Wouldn't have advanced foreward really  if the system had not died.

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