Hi Shaun,

We probably should take this off list, but I do have a quick question
before I close the matter. Why do you think you have to have a
separate computer for Linux?

One of the big selling features of Ubuntu Linux in particular is that
it was specifically designed to run side by side on a system with
Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. No reformatting, resizing
partitions, etc necessary. Just stick it in your computer with Windows
running and install it like a normal Windows application.Linux has
come a long long ways from the bad old days where you had to
repartition your hard drive and create separate partitions etc for
Linux and Windows. Heck, if you really just want to play with it
without installing it Ubuntu has a live cd mode where you can run it
directly off the cd, but it is quite a bit slower than an actual
installation obviously.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out the fact that you don't need to buy
a separate computer to try or use Linux. I myself have Windows 7 on
this laptop, but have Ubuntu 10.10 installed side by side with it so I
can startup and use either one as needed. I truly get the best of both
worlds that way. That's why Ubuntu is taking the Linux market by
storm, for a Linux distribution, because it allows people to try it
without committing a dedicated computer to it unless they truly want
to which gives users such as yourself the option of keeping Windows if
you want to while still trying Linux as well. Now, I'm getting off my


On 4/15/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> <sigh>
> If only I knew that before I started upgrading.
> in 1995.
> I have to many things for windows and have invested to much to
> realistically go full time to linux.
> Eventually I may get a second system to have linux on but I can't see
> it being my primary os any time soon.

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