Hi Thomas,

My example of
OPEN "o", #1, "con"
LOCATE 24, 50: PRINT #1, " Jim Kitchen"
was used in PDS7 (Microsoft Professional Basic Development System Version 7) 
also called Extended Quick Basic.  For dos it was a step above Quick Basic 4.5. 
 And as I said that would have all dos screen readers speak it automatically.  
In VB6 I just tried.
Open "con" For Output As #1
print #1, " Jim Kitchen "
and it was not spoken automatically by JFW.  As a matter of fact, it did not even show up on the 
screen at all.  Now in dos I could use a simple print " Jim Kitchen " and it would be on 
the screen, but not be spoken automatically by the dos screen reader.  The same thing is true with 
BB6.  I can just write print " Jim Kitchen " and it will be on the screen and be able to 
be read by JFW with the review cursor, but it does not get spoken automatically.  I also in VB6 
never found an easy alternative to the Quick Basic locate function to place the text where you 
wanted it on the screen.  So that is why for Windows games I got away from putting text on the 
screen and went to self voicing games via recorded speech or the sapi5 text to speech engine.



"If it works, don't mess with it" school graduate

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