Hi Dark,

I was pretty much thinking of determining that based on number of wins
and losses. If you are wrestling for the raw brand and want a title
shot at the WWE championship you are going to have to wrestle
everybody else on Raw until you are the top contender for the Miz's
title. Same goes for Smackdown. If wrestling for Smackdown you'll have
to wrestle everyone else on Smackdown so that you can be the top
contender for the world championship. Diva's of course work a bit
different since the title holder can either be from the Raw or
Smackdown brand. So it doesn't really matter which brand you wrestle
for in that case because the Diva's championship passes to and from
Raw and Smackdown all the time. Legends like diva's aren't asigned to
any brand or promotion and choose any title shot they want. Does that
make sense?

Of course, there is a problem with this. If you want to play the Miz,
and he is the default WWE champion, then your position would be as
defender of the title rather than someone trying to wrestle for a
title shot. So that would offset the wins/losses rules somewhat. I'm
not sure how to handle that issue. Perhaps vacate all titles and
wrestle for them via tournaments?

I guess I'll find out soon as last week on Smackdown Edge announced he
had to retire do to medical reasons. Since he was the current world
heavy-weight champion that title is now open and vacated for anyone to
take. I imagine they'll have some sort of tournament match in the next
ppv for the top contenders to battle it out for that title.


On 4/19/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Fair enough Tom.
> I was just wondering how your going to distinguish a bottom level wrestler
> from a more advanced one other than by some sort of training or level
> system, and also how you'll insure that your wrestler can't just go streight
> to the top of the wrankings in the first fight.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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