Hi Thomas.  I'm actually not a newbie programmer, and have a very good
grounding in the over-arching concepts of algorithm development and language
structure.  I did it for a living a long time ago.  

I may be wrong about this, but from what I've gleaned from my survey of
available docs, it looks as though one can actually create compiled code
from python scripts, including actual full-blown executables.  Now I don't
know if they produce code that runs in comparable time to executables
produced by C++ etc.

It also looks as though with recent versions there are good hooks into
various OS APIs for low-level operations that might reduce the performance
problems of Python.  This is speculative on my part as one major reason I
never got back into programming was the learning curve of the Windows
interface and never finding anything that actually spelled out how to use it
in a way that didn't eat my brain.  

As for my goals, well, I'm not sure.  I'm interested more in strategic level
games than something like Shades of Doom or Mysteries of the Ancients.  I'm
fascinating by the process of developing enemy AIs, something I never
learned, and various ways of "teaching" them to be better opponents.

I want to get to grips with the language itself, (am going through the
tutorials with version 3.2) and then begin incorporating windows-specific
constructions to learn how to construct good interfaces for us.  Once I have
a better handle on what the language can do, I'll have a better sense of
what I want to do with it.

Please know that I respect your experience as an actual developer, and
appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns.  Looks to me as
though Python teaches *different* bad habits than C++, which I have come to
cordially despise.  *smile*

        Chris Bartlett

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