In the interests of expressing my feelings on the responses and heading off any 
possibility of the discussion turning unpleasant, I for one am grateful for 
Thomas' post, as I am for Ryan's and Chee's.  As someone who is coming back to 
all this after a very long hiatus, I'm pleased to get opinions from various 

The practical answer to all this is that I am extremely unlikely to ever dive 
back into C++ or J++ or anything of the sort.  I am far more likely to do 
something in Python, about which I am rather excited as it's unlike the several 
other languages I worked with back before oxygen was liberated from the crust.  
(Insert joke about having to compute uphill in the snow, both ways, here.)  As 
such, I'm probably going to devote considerable time and effort into learning 
the language for projects of various sorts, which may well include something 
for all of you.  So, to drag this thread back to the original intent, if any of 
you have resources to post that I haven't found already, please let me know.  
And again, thank you for all the other discussion.
        Chris Bartlett

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