As a developer that looked into many programming options before making my choice, I feel the need to respond to this thread in order to possibly prevent other potential programmers from being angled away from python based on thomases post. I rarely post to list here, but I do check in from time to time, so please don't take my lack of posts as any indication that I don't stay in tune with the community I partially serve. I realize thomas is seen as a voice of authority here on list, but I think on this subject, he is very very wrong. Thomas has put down other programming languages before as well, such as VB 6 for being outdated, etc. but I say let the work stand for itself. look at what jim kitchen and David Greenwood have done with vb 6, regarding python, look at sound RTS, or qwittter, on and on. To say python is only for amateur programmers is ridiculous to be sure. Also, I have to question thomases authority on this subject, as he has yet to release a game for profit, so up to this point, he is by definition an amateur programmer himself. I realize MOTA will be sold for a profit, and Thomas has collected money for pre sales, but to this point, no final product has ben released for commercial sale, thus seriously diluting his point about professional development with python in my opinion, especially considering the vast number of projects out there that have been released for a profit using python. This post isn't to flame on Thomas, he has worked hard on his games, most very especially MOTA, but for him to crap on python on this list given the attention his posts receive is irresponsible and not well thought out in my opinion. From what I've seen and tested, I don't think python would have any trouble running MOTA, or most any other audio game out there, given current system specs. And I am not talking out of my rear end here either. I've done one of the most complex audio games out there with Rail Racer, I know what I speak of. But to me, the most important things involved in creating a good audio game, or any other program for that matter is being an inventive, efficient and dedicated developer.
 No matter what language you use, if your idea sucks, it won't matter.
 If your skills suck, it won't matter.
 If your dedication sucks, it won't matter.
The skills learned by teaching yourself a language such as python will carry over to any other language, picking up the syntax is the easy part, learning how to efficiently make code do what you want, that’s the magic, and learning to think that way will be greatly advanced by using python or any other language for that matter. I want to reiterate, this post isn't here to flame anyone else, but I know a lot of you guys on list here follow thomas' posts closely, and as a fellow quote unquote professional developer, I just think he is dead wrong about the downside of python, and I would hate to see someone not use python because they have heard it can't do what they want. check the programming options out yourself, and make a balanced opinion for what works for you, your idea and implementation will be the reason your game succeeds or fails, not the language you choose. Lord knows, we need as many creative game developers out there as we can get for the audio game community, and no matter what you use to create it, if its fun and engaging, I for one will buy it, I don't care if you program it with punch cards, grin.
 Thanks for listening,
Developer,-  Blind Adrenaline Simulations

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