Hi Alfredo,

As many people have already stated the difference between Star Wars
and Star Trek is very very different. Totally different in approach
and the kind of story the author wanted to present to his audience.
Beyond the fact they are both classified science fiction they are very
quite different and I recommend you either watch the movies or get
some books as they are both two very great science fiction series.

Star Trek is a television series based on a future society of humans
who's mission or mandate is to "seak out new life, new civilizations,
and to bouldly go where no man has gone before." In brief, Earth is
the head of a galactic federation, the United Federation of Planets,
and has a fleet of starships called Starfleet which performs space
exploration during peace time and acts as a military during war time.
Since the show is based on sscience and exploration the writers tend
to use a lot of scientific theory or speculation on what future space
exploration might be like, and what kinds of conflicts may arise once
we begin meeting new and perhaps more hostile races. To date there has
been 11 full length movies, five television series, a brief series of
cartoons, and hundreds of books.

Star Wars is mor fantacy than science fiction. Unlike Star Trek which
is set in the future Star Wars is set in the distant past "long long
ago in a galaxy far far away." It mainly deals with a group of
semi-magical or semi-religious people known as the Jedi Knights. The
Jedi Order is a group of Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters who have
special powers and abilities, and they have set themselves up as peace
keepers and defenders of the galaxy. However, there is an equally
powerful group of people known as the Sith, dark Jedi, who have dark
powers and use their powers for evil purposes. As there are now
several different Star Wars series its impossible to explain it all in
a single e-mail, but there are about five different time periods
involved in the Star Wars saga.

The Knights of the Old Republic. This series primarily deals with what
things were like during the foundations of the Galactic Republic
thousands of years before the first movie Star Wars A New Hope. This
ongoing series is fairly knew so I'm not exactly up to speed on all of
it myself, and is all based in books and comics.

The Clone Wars. This series takes place about 20 to 25 years before
Star Wars A New Hope and mainly involves Luke Skywalker's father
Anikin Skywalker and future teacher Obi-wan Kenobi when they were
young and battling during the Clone War. This is an animated
television series as well as three live action movies.There are also a
number of books set in this time period as well.

The Imperial era. This starts with Star Wars A New Hope, and is the
first book/movie ever created. It takes place about 19 years after the
end of the Clone Wars with Luke Skywalker, his sister Princess Leia,
Hon Solo, and many of the original Star Wars characters. Luke is
trained by Jedi masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, and eventually Luke
becomes the new master of a new Jedi order who start out by freeing
the galaxy from the Empire.

Following the Imperial era comes the New Jedi Order. This series of
books takes place about 25 years after Star Wars A New Hope. Luke
Skywalker and his Wife Mara Jade Skywalker are leaders of a new Jedi
order who have restored peace and tranquility to the galaxy when a
race of aliens from outside the galaxy invade the New Republic and
concore the galaxy. Luke and his army of Jedis fight to defeat the
Vong and kick them out of the galaxy.

The Legacy series takes place about 40 years after Star Wars A New
Hope. Luke's nephew, Jason Solo, is seduced to the dark side by the
last remaining member of the Sith, Lumia, and starts a rebellion
between Corellia and the Galactic Alliance. Jason unfortunately does a
complete face turn and murders several Jedi Knights including his
aunt, Mara Jade, and in the end his twin sister must hunt him down and
stop him before the entire galaxy is drawn into endless civil war.

Finally, there is the newest series, Fate of the Jedi, which is the
aftermath of the Legacy series. There are some new leaders in the
Galactic Alliance who are hostile towards the Jedi Knights and blame
them for the civil war. They try to arrest Luke Skywalker and charge
him with causing the civil war, but he exiles himself from the G.A.
and uses that time to investigate why the Sith have returned.
Meanwhile a number of Jedi Knights are coming down with some sort of
mental disorder that is causing them to go crazy and go on a killing
spree. Its a interesting series so far.

Anyway, you now have an informed idea of how different Star Wars and
Star Trek are. They are quite simply very different.


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