Nope... Obi-Wan physically chopped them off himself. And it might be different in the movie, but in the book it's Anakin's left arm which obi-wan slices through. So I was wrong... he still had one limb left. Here's the passage from the novel:

     Obi-Wan turned his dive into  a  forward  roll  that  left  him  barely
teetering on the rim of a low cliff, just above the soft black sand  of  the
riverbank. Anakin snarled a curse as he realized  he'd  been  suckered,  and
leapt off his droid at Obi-Wan's back- Half a second too slow.
     Obi-Wan's whirl to parry didn't meet Anakin's blade. It met  his  knee.
Then his other knee.
     And while Anakin was still in  the  air,  burned-off  lower  legs  only
starting their topple down the cliff, Obi-Wan's recovery  to  guard  brought
his blade through Anakin's left arm above the  elbow.  He  stepped  back  as
Anakin fell.
     Anakin dropped his lightsaber, clawing at the edge of  the  cliff  with
his mechanical hand, but his grip was too powerful for the lava bank and  it
crumbled, and he slid down onto the black sand. His  severed  legs  and  his
severed arm rolled into the lava below him  and  burned  to  ash  in  sudden
bursts of scarlet flame.

At 06:38 AM 08/05/2011, you wrote:
the lava took off the leggs actually.

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