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Here is the deleted Audio Games page on the proposed game.
Star Wars Jedi Strike
genre: Action Games
developer: USA Games
platform: Windows
release: none
features: sound
last edit by: Richard

Star Wars Jedi Strike is an upcoming game by USA Games. Here's a description from the website:

"Welcome gamers to a galaxy long long ago and far far away. Take up your light saber and a med kit and save the Old Republic from the evil Separatests. Your Jedi skills are tested in six action packed missions when you must face off against: Dark Jedi, various types of battle droids, an evil army of Clones, and take the ultimet test of skills against Emperor Palpatine himself.

This new high action game takes place during the Clone Wars just before the fall of the Old Republic. You are sent by Yoda and the Jedi High Council to locate and defeat four lords of the Sith: Darth Vader, General Grievous, Count Dooku, and Emperor Palpatine. However, before you can face off with these Sith lords you must fight through an army of battle droids, enemy Clones, and gain the skills required to face off with the great lords of the Sith.


Three skill levels: learner, knight, and master.
Original Star wars effects.
Realistic 3D audio.
Original story and music from "Revenge Of the Sith."
Built in speech.
Uses Microsoft DirectX 9.0C and the .net framework.
Jedi Strike is coming along very quickly. It is uncertain when a demo will be made ready for download. However, USA Games has created a fantastic audio trailor of mission 1, which you can listen through this link. In the audio trailor you will be able to hear the player aboard a trade Federation Cruiser. Count Dooku, leader of the Separatests, first tries to destroy the player by sending an army of battle droids. After the droids are destroyed the player will battle Count Dooku to the death. Despite lightning attacks and a furious saber battle the player wins the conflict and rescues the Supreme Chancellor."

Whether or not this game will be officially acknowledged by LucasArts, it sounds like a promising experience!

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