Greetings everyone. I'm still sad that is offline, but in the 
mean time I have a new game for everyone. A few days ago, Keyisfull announced 
he was developing a new game and included a really detailed back story for it. 
Well reading his story got me thinking of one of my own, and I got side tracked 
into making a new game. I'm still working on Daytona 2, so don't kill me, but 
this one came together really quick so I didn't really waste much time.

Here is the story:

In the not so distant future, a new symbol of social status has emerged among 
the upper class. Fancy sport cars, sparkling jewelry, and huge mansions are no 
longer the preferred way to show off one's wealth. An innovative company, 
called Lunar-tech, launched hundreds of machines in to space and landed them 
safely on the moon. These remote controlled machines linked together to form 
massive stereo lithography machines. In everyday language, these were giant 3D 
printers capable of building things a layer at a time from the ground up. Huge 
containers of chemical resin, sent along with the machines, could be mixed with 
moon dust to form a concrete-like substance that was both strong and air tight. 
After robots dug out a foundation, the huge 3D printing machines would center 
themselves over the pit and begin working. These machines were genius in the 
simplicity of their design. Scaffolding formed a huge open square which allowed 
an arm to slide anywhere
 inside it. A series of hoses on the arm would drop the correct type of 
material as it formed each layer. Once dry, the arm would raise up slightly and 
begin again on the next layer until eventually a huge dome was created. During 
construction the machine would switch between concrete, moon sand to take up 
space, clear molten plastic, and dirt from earth. The 3D printer unfolds itself 
and moves slowly off to the next construction site while other robots move in 
to outfit the dome with accessories. Machines install tracks along the ceiling 
inside the dome, and on those tracks are fitted an assortment of robotic arms 
and cameras. On the outside, battery banks and solar panels are put in place. 
In the end, the dome is a huge airtight structure filled with dirt and dotted 
with thousands of plastic windows to let light in. These bio domes on the moon, 
or lunar domes as they are most commonly called, are the ultimate toy for the 
super rich. Constant video feed
 lets the world watch as life exists, against all odds, in a place as harsh as 
the moon. At first, billionaires would buy these and use them only as gardens. 
When Lunar-tech sells a dome, they pump water, oxygen, and seeds inside before 
sealing it up with a special kind of door. The dome's owner was left to 
actually tend his lunar garden by remotely issuing commands to the robot arms 
within it. As you might expect, quite a few people never got the hang of it and 
their plants would die off. Years passed and Lunar-tech kept everyone on their 
toes. More rockets to the moon included specially bred insects along with the 
usual supplies. The rich might have their lunar gardens, but the richer got to 
show off by having living colonies of bugs on the moon! Since that day, 
Lunar-tech has expanded to the use of small animals selectively bred to be 
smaller than normal. Due to the difficult nature of maintaining these complex 
eco systems, many dome owners hire big
 companies to handle the normal day-to-day operations. Wealthy corporations 
have even jumped in to the dome craze in an effort to turn a profit. Because 
shipping animals from earth is astronomically expensive, most people buy ones 
that have been bred right there on the moon. Lunar-tech shipped up a huge fleet 
of transporting robots that will quickly move animals from one dome to another, 
for a substantial fee, of course. No where else, will a person pay 2 thousand 
dollars for a mouse, and pay 20 thousand dollars for shipping!

This is a life simulation game, where you attempt to create, and maintain, a 
complex eco-system on the moon. This rough beta has 5 missions, each with their 
own set of quests. Unlike my previous games, this one is not self voiced with 
me speaking. The game should work with your preferred screen reading software, 
and I have personally tested it with NVDA. Please give it a try and let me know 
what you think. Once the suggestions start pouring in, I plan to add in more 
missions and a sandbox mode that will let you play without any quest 

Download link: (v1.0b, 2.02MB)

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