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Here is info about the developer of Destenation mars
From: The Braille Monitor January, 1990
There is a new computer game for IBM and IBM compatible computers. It is called CASINO. It actually is three games in one: blackjack; slot machine; and a four-card poker game called flash poker. It is fully usable with a screen-reading program and a speech synthesizer or by a sighted person from the screen. It has sound effects and other features. For your copy, send a check in the sum of $15 to:
Richard De Steno,
20 Meadowbrook Road,
Short Hills, New Jersey 07078;
or call (201) 379-7471 for more information.
The game will be sent on a five and a quarter inch diskette unless a three and a half inch is requested.

From: The Braille Forum, November 1994
Dodge City Desperados is a new computer adventure game for IBM and IBM- compatible computers that works well with speech output. The player becomes the sheriff of Dodge City in the days of the wild West, hunting down the desperados in town, something that's not so easy to do. For your copy, send a $20 check to Richard De Steno, 20 Meadowbrook Rd., Short Hills, NJ 07078, or call (201) 379-7471 for more information. Please specify which size disk you want. Other games are also available.

From: Future Reflections Fall 1995,
After doing some research with vendors and organizations I have discovered that there are a few programs which were written by and for the blind. These programs are all text-based programs. These are the titles:
Guess the Capitals,
Atlantic City Black Jack,
Destination Mars,
Dodge City Desperado's,
Run for President,
Sounds Like.
These are all IBM compatible programs. These software programs may be purchased through Ann Morris Enterprises, Inc. 1 (800) 454-3175 and/or through Ferguson Enterprises (605) 546-2366.

from: Audyssey;
Computer Games Accessible to the Blind
Edited by Michael Feir
Issue 14: September/October, 1998

Destination Mars
Review by Patrick R Davis:

I want to review a game by Richard Destino.  It has been around
for some time, but it is still good.  There is an old version on
Poehlman's web page at www.clark.net/pub/poehlman/readme.htm and
you can
buy it from Ann Morris Enterprises.  Destination Mars is a game
where you
have to get to Mars, but you have to get through certain hazards
such as
asteroid fields and alien ships.  You can also collect gold,
diamond, and
platinum off some asteroids.  You can use the metals to get fuel,
power cells, and a new force field generator from space stations.
things will break on your spaceship and you will have to find a
place to
repair them.  It is pretty good, but there are a couple of things
that I
think he could improve.  The first thing is when firing at alien
the computer decides whenever you hit them or not.  I think Richard
have used audio input to aim and shoot.  For example, he could have
some descending tones and put a low tone somewhere in the middle of
that someone would have to hit a key on to fire.  Another thing he
do to improve it is to put a feature on it that would tell you how
repairs are needed.  I also heard that he is going to add some
sounds to
his game.
    He has also made a game called Dodge City Desperadoes.
Unfortunately there isn't an older version on Dave's web page, but
can buy it from Ann Morris Enterprises.  I haven't won this game
yet.  In
this game, you have to catch 3 desperadoes that are in The town to
trouble.  You also have to find them before your time runs out.
There is
a lot of things you need to look for before you can catch them
The game is okay but I think it needs some extra work done on it.
example, it would be easier if he had the word limit for 3 or 4
instead of 2.  I also think it would be easier if the game used the
keys to get around town with instead of always typing.  Other than
it is a pretty good game.  Both of his games cost about $20.00.

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